iKeyboard will help you type on your iPad

One of the first things I noticed when I got my iPad was that while I could type on it if I needed using the onscreen keyboard, that was far from ideal. Sometimes having an external keyboard with me isn't ideal either. I am sure there are lots of iPad users out there that know what I mean. There is no way to touch type with any on screen keyboard, since there are no keys to touch. A new gadget has surfaced on Kickstarter that will help fix that problem though called iKeyboard.

The iKeyboard was designed by Cliff Thier and it is a cool device that isn't a keyboard like The externals that you see. An overlay clips on the bottom of your iPad and has little key cutouts that fit right over the virtual keys. The idea is that you can feel the spaces and the film between your fingers and the on screen keyboard and touch type for real. It's actually a very neat idea. The iKeyboard needs no batteries or anything like that.

It is also very thin and should be as easy to transport as your iPad is. The iKeyboard has a cool arched plastic material inside that sits over the keys and allows the touchscreen to work since you aren't touching it directly. The arched material feels like real keys when you press it down so you get the little click that goes along with typing. The designer is seeking $4,000 and has $1,255 of that amount at the time I wrote this. The project has $47 days to go before it makes or not.

[via Kickstarter]