Ikea Uppleva TV will have e-commerce platform

Notorious furniture retailer Ikea is about to go into the electronics space with its own branded television set. The TV was announced earlier this year, and now another interesting detail about it is coming to light – it will have an integrated shopping platform that will make commercials more interactive than ever before. It could be a huge boon for advertisers.

It will work like this – a commercial starts to air on TV, and if it supports the Ikea online shopping system, users can push a button on their remote during the commercial to buy an advertised product or service. And if you think about it, it's this kind of technology that could usher in the TV commercial industry in the way that many companies have been hoping for,

The platform has been developed by a German company called Connept. A lot of details remain largely unclear, such as whether or not Ikea and Connept will be actively looking for partners at this point. Likewise, some exact details of the Uppleva TV remain unclear. All will be answered when it launches in Europe later this year.

[via GigaOM]