IKEA offers wind and solar electricity to customers in Sweden

IKEA is a name many people know around the US for its iconic blue building, meatballs, and furniture that can be complicated to build. IKEA is branching out in Sweden with the announcement that it will begin offering electricity generated through wind and solar via STRÖMMA. IKEA Sweden has added STRÖMMA to its existing Clean Energy Services offering.

The Clean Energy Services offering is a subscription electric service allowing subscribers to power their homes with electricity generated by wind and solar means. The expanded offering is part of IKEA's goal to build the largest renewable energy movement by leveraging its customers, coworkers, and partners globally.

IKEA has a stated goal of enabling more than 1 billion people to live a more sustainable life by 2030. By 2030, IKEA wants to be climate positive and rely exclusively on renewable energy and resources. It says electricity generated from fossil fuels has an impact on the health of individuals and the planet.

The furniture company believes an easy action everyone can make is switching to renewable energy at home. IKEA will offer STRÖMMA in Sweden, but it also offers solar panels in 11 markets. The goal of its solar panel offerings is to allow customers in all Ingka Group markets to generate renewable energy using its energy services by 2025.

In Sweden, STRÖMMA allows customers to buy affordable and certified electricity generated by solar and wind means. The service also features an app that allows the subscribers to track electricity usage. In markets where IKEA sells solar panels, the same app tracks electricity production, and users can sell the energy they don't use back to electric companies. IKEA Sweden says that while it's a furniture company, providing affordable solar and wind power is a "natural next step" in its sustainability goals.