iHome updates iP90 iPhone/iPod alarm clock for 2010

iHome has gobs of docks, clocks and other gear for the iPhone and iPod. The company has announced that it is updating its flagship iP90 alarm clock docking station for Apple devices for 2010. The dock gets some new features that will make it better.

Among those new features are a larger display and better sound quality. The iP90 continues to be able to charge and play music from the iPhone and iPod. Users can wake to playlists from the iPod or other sources. The clock has dual alarms and AM/FM radio presets.

A Time Sync feature sets the time on the clock to the time on your iPhone or iPod. The improved sound comes from Reson8 stereo speaker chambers and the bass and treble is adjustable. A switch for changing at the flick of a button to daylight savings time is also featured. All of the buttons on the iP90 are backlit for easy use in a dark room. The clock will sell for $99.