iHome iDM5 Executive Space Saver Station for iPad and more

iHome has been making some interesting Apple accessories for a long time now, and the company has a new one that has launched called the iDM5. This new device is a Bluetooth keyboard, charger, and speaker bar. The design reminds me a lot of the Commodore 64 from 80s. The device has a flip up clear shield that protects the keyboard when not in use and props your iPad or other tablet up when you open it.

While the photo shows use with the iPad, I don't see anything that would limit this particular keyboard dock from working with that Apple device alone. It should work with any tablet or smartphone that supports Bluetooth keyboards. Other than the keyboard on top, the device also has speakers integrated into each side of the station that allows you to stream your Bluetooth music or audio from video you might want to watch.

The device also has a universal 3.5 mm input for devices lacking Bluetooth, and it can charge up to two devices at one time using dual integrated USB ports. It also has an integrated microphone so you can use the docking station is a hands-free speakerphone or for video conferencing. The iDM5 is available right now for $129.99.