iHeartMedia is turning its most popular podcasts into books

iHeartMedia, the company behind iHeartRadio, has teamed up with Flatiron Books to establish a new imprint for podcasts turned into books. The new imprint is called 'Stuff You Should Read: An iHeartBook,' according to Flatiron, which reports that it will kick things off with four books based on popular podcasts from the iHeartPodcast Network. 'Stuff You Should Know' is among the first podcasts to have reached one billion downloads.

This is the first imprint deal to produce books based on podcasts, according to Flatiron, which reports that the four initial books published under the deal will be based on 'iHeartRadio's popular slate of curiosity podcasts.' The company will offer both young readers and adult editions for each of these four books.

Only one of the four books has been revealed at this time: "Stuff You Should Know: An Incomplete Compendium of Mostly Interesting Things." The book will be authored by Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark, the duo behind the "Stuff You Should Know" podcast. Readers will find information on a variety of topics, including everything from facial hair to Murphy beds.

These four books will be the first in a longer series, according to the company, though it doesn't say how many books it may have planned. According to Bryant, "Stuff You Should Know" listeners have been requesting books based on the podcast.

The new imprint will feature Flatiron Executive Editor Sarah Murphy as its lead. Show fans can expect at least one book per year based on podcasts. Macmillian Children's Publishing's 'Imprint' will produce the young readers versions of these books. Fans can preorder the first book, "An Incomplete Compendium of Mostly Interesting Things," now but the release date hasn't been provided at this time.