iharmonix announces Five Stereo Earphones

Paramount Wireless announced today their new brand called iharmonix. This new brand features five new products as a part of two new lines. The main line is called the Platinum Series. This includes three new sets of headphones.

As a part of this series, there is the i-Series headset. This is meant for use with either BlackBerry or iPhone 3G handsets. It comes with hands-free capability and a multi-function button. Also on the docket is the ev-Series headphones. These are meant for the true music lover and feature in-line volume control. The e-Series lacks the in-line controls and is therefore cheaper.

The headphones released are a part of the Style FX Series. These include the i-Series, which works with the BlackBerry and the iPhone 3G and has an in-line mic. The e-Series is meant for other MP3 players and the iPod and offers custom-fit options with three different soft ear gels. You can get all five headphone models now for between $30-$60.