iGo Netbook Charger hits Verizon Wireless

One of the things that takes up so much room in my laptop bag when I travel are the cables that I need to power my netbook. If I had to take cables with me to power the netbook in the car or on an airplane, I would need a larger bag for sure. If you don't want a larger bag, but need to carry cables for the car, airplane, and AC outlet for your netbook you need the iGo Netbook Charger.

The iGo Netbook Charger will now be sold at Verizon Wireless stores and only produces enough power for a netbook. The charger comes with tips to power netbooks and other mobile devices like cell phones, MP3 players and more.

In addition to tips for different mobile devices, the iGo also has tips that allow the one charger to charge devices from the wall, in the car, and on an airplane. The charger also has a USB port built-in for charging multiple devices at once. The charger retails for about $70.