iFixit's iPhone battery replacement kits will stay discounted throughout 2019

By now, most iPhone users (and those who follow the tech industry in general) are probably very familiar with Apple's battery woes last year. After it became clear that Apple was intentionally slowing iPhones with older batteries, the company was at the center of a lot of controversy. So much controversy, in fact, that Apple decided to offer cheaper battery replacements for pretty much anyone with an out-of-warranty iPhone.

For the duration of this promotion – if that's what we want to call it – Apple discounted the price of out-of-warranty battery replacement to $29 regardless of iPhone model. It was a good deal, considering that Apple typically charged at least $79 for those same battery replacements. Millions of people took advantage of Apple's offer, to the point where the company actually said that sales of new iPhones suffered because of it.

Apple's cheap battery replacement deal ended as the calendar turned over to January 1, 2019, and now the cost of those replacements ranges from $49 to $69. iFixit, however, has decided that not enough people took advantage of Apple's deal while it was still available, announcing today that it will keep the price of its iPhone battery replacement kits at $29.99 for the rest of 2019.

So, if you didn't get your battery replaced by Apple when you had the chance, you can use one of iFixit's kits to do it yourself. The kits come with all the tools you need to open up your iPhone, including a replacement battery you can install in place of your old one. iFixit's kits cover everything from the iPhone 8 Plus all the way back to the iPhone 4S, so as long as you're not looking to replace the battery in something like an iPhone X or an ancient 3GS, these should have you covered.

Of course, the intimidating thing about iFixit's kits was never their price, but the fact that you have to swap the battery yourself. iFixit has you covered there too, as it has guides on replacing the battery for each of those phones as well. If you don't mind getting your hands a little dirty, you can use one of these kits to breathe new life into your iPhone, just keep in mind that opening up the phone and installing new parts will void whatever warranty you may have left on the device.