iFixit says LG Watch Urbane is easy to fix (unless you bust the screen)

We'd venture to say you tearing into your smartwatch is not a good idea. So, really — don't try this at home. The iFixit team makes things look really simple, yes, but please don't take a knife and tweezers to your gear. Even though iFixit gave the LG Watch Urbane a pleasant 7 out of 10 score in their teardown, don't go poking around the smartwatch just yet. If you do need to have repairs done, here's what you'd be in for.

Unlike the Apple Watch, you can dive into the LG Watch Urbane from the rear (but iFixit notes it takes a lot of heat and patience). Once you pry the rear cover off, lifting the motherboard out presents you with the battery; one of the more frequent fixes on any piece of tech. As far as battery swaps go, the LG Watch Urbane makes it pretty simple.

Should you crack your display, things get tricky. The front glass is adhered to the main housing on the top of the watch, while the display is affixed to the glass on the other side. To replace the screen, you'll have to take the entire display off from the rear, and the glass off from the front — then replace all the adhesive strips. A typical repair that's not going to come easy (or cheap).

It's mostly good news for LG's Watch Urbane. While iFixit isn't crazy about the display/glass assembly, they do note battery swaps are a breeze, and LG has "found the secret recipe that balances construction strength with pry-ability" with their adhesive.

Source: iFixit