iFixit Insight iPhone cases are a teardown that won’t kill your warranty

Eric Abent - Jun 28, 2019, 2:29pm CDT
iFixit Insight iPhone cases are a teardown that won’t kill your warranty

For those not in the know, iFixit already offers a set of teardown wallpapers for various iPhones. These wallpapers essentially show you the internal components of your phone as if the display had been removed. It’s a neat concept, offering those component images in the form of wallpapers, but now the company is taking things a step further by putting those images on phone cases.

iFixit announced today a new line of phone cases it’s calling Insight. Printed on these phone cases is an image of what your phone looks like with the back panel removed. Judging from the images iFixit shared today, they produce a pretty cool effect when they’re put on, and we imagine that effect will be amplified when paired with one of those wallpapers.

iFixit says that these cases are made of thermoplastic polyurethane to keep your phone protected, and the promotional images show that these cases are at least fairly thin. That’s good for people who don’t want to add a ton of bulk to their phones, but it’s worth noting that they also appear to have thicker corners to protect those particular problem points. iFixit also says these cases are “extra resistant to grease, oil, scratches, and abrasions,”, so if you’re sick of cases that seem to attract fingerprints like crazy, these might be worth a look.

Unfortunately, those of you with an Android phone will have to sit this launch out for now. Insight cases are only available for iPhones and iFixit is launching cases for every iPhone from the iPhone 6 and up. All of those cases are available in either color or X-ray, with the former making it look like you just lifted the back panel off your phone to have a look inside and the latter looking like – surprise! – an X-ray of your device.

Even better is that these cases only cost $9.99, and since they’re coming from iFixit, they’re probably a bit more protective than the similarly-priced cases you’ll find on Amazon. If you want to pick one up, you can do so beginning today from iFixit’s store.

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