IFA 2007 - Exclusive Video Hands-On Of LG's KS20: The HSDPA Prada

Back in February we showed you exclusive photos of what at the time looked to be an LG Prada handset running Windows Mobile 6; well, at IFA 2007 LG unveiled just that – it's called the KS20 and it's pretty much the answer to everyone who wanted the style of the Prada but with the power of a full smartphone. Vincent has shot some exclusive video footage of the KS20 – which is rocking HSDPA high-speed cellular broadband, dual-cameras for video conferencing and full internet access – and as you can see they've adapted the WM6 OS to take on board some of the Prada's UI niceness.


More footage and photos from the exhibition floor, after the cut...


Video 2 with explanation

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