If you’ve ever used Steam, you need to see this

Eric Abent - Jun 15, 2018, 10:44 am CDT
If you’ve ever used Steam, you need to see this

In keeping with the strict General Data Protection Regulation laid down by the European Union, Valve has rolled out a new data portal to Steam users that can only be described as “exhaustive.” This portal puts pretty much every piece of information about your Steam account in one place, serving up boatloads of data you probably never even cared to look at in the first place. While some of this data was accessible in one way or another before GDPR became law, this new portal organizes it and makes it easier to find specific information.

One look and you’ll know what we mean when we use the word “exhaustive” to describe it. The information that’s available ranges from very general information about your account – the first link simply takes you to your account settings page – to items that are much more specific. For instance, you can view a log of your recent chat messages or your trade history on the Steam Market.

Things get particularly disturbing when you realize that this portal holds a direct link to your entire Steam purchase history. It’s here that you can view each and every item you’ve purchased from the Steam store – whether that’s games, hardware, or gifts for others – the payment method for each one, and, in the case of physical items, shipping information.

Want to get particularly down on yourself without having to add up all you’ve spent using that purchase history page? Valve has you covered there too with the “External Funds Used” page. It’s here you can see how much you’ve spent on Steam down to the cent – an often terrifying number for those who tend to get a little carried away during Steam’s many annual sales.

This really just scratches the surface of all the information that’s available, so much so that the more privacy-minded among us might be shocked by how much data Valve actually keeps on its users. You can check it out for yourself over at Steam, but be warned: It might be something of a shock, especially if you’re the type to blindly buy games when you see that all-too-familiar discount badge.

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