If your CD is scratched beyond hope, just melt it down

Everyone, and I do mean everyone that has owned a CD has come to the sad realization that one of their favorite or most important disks has somehow gotten scratched enough to hinder playback. So what do you do about it? Most people will either give up and throw it out, or use one of those devices that attempt to buff out the scratches. But if that fails, what do you do?

If the data is most precious to you, you might want to invest in a Skip-Away disk repair machine. What it does is melts down the plastic surface and smooths it out. Since most scratches only affect this layer of the disk, that will fix just about any disk.

Now the big question is just how much is that data worth to you? If your answer is less than $250 you might just want to keep looking. For that price I'll try my luck buffing it out. Or I'll just use my favorite, the old toothpaste trick. That one's saved me more than once.

Skip-Away Machine Repairs Discs By Melting Them [via ohgizmo]