If Howie Mandel only owns one gadget, this is it!

Staff Editor - Dec 31, 2006

Hammacher Schlemmer is a company that specializes in zapping germs using various products. In addition, they sell a hands-free dispenser for hand soap, and a nightlight that kills bedbugs. This website would probably be Howie Mandel’s one-stop shop for germ-killing!

One of their products is the Handheld Germ-Eliminating Light, that get rids of more than 99% of germs. It utilizes a special light called UV-C, and it claims that there are no harmfull toxins or chemicals. The handset looks like a bulky flip cell phone, with a giant CAUTION sign slapped on the back.

With the device, swipe the places where you want to kill the itty-bitty creatures. This proccess takes about 10 seconds and must be held in a certain position in order to work. The bulb is measured to last for 5,000 hours, while two AAA batteries are used (two are included). The website says that you can carry the device in your pocket, but I certainly wouldn’t want to lug around a germ-eliminating device.

Germ Killing Light Gun [Via: Collest-Gadgets]

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