Ideum create ultra-wide multitouch table [Video]

We've featured Ideum and their multitouch tables before on SlashGear, but the company have been in touch to flaunt their latest development: an ultra-wide touchscreen surface.  Billed as "one of the largest contiguous multitouch tables ever developed", the new table is based on the same optical touch recognition system as their standard MT-50 but has a 100-inch surface and an 86-inch viewable area, and can recognize over 50 different simultaneous touch points.Video demo after the cut

The display itself runs at 2304 x 800 resolution and has a 16:5 aspect ratio.  It's installed at the Space Chase Gallery exhibition at Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee, and is running a custom-made digital representation of the EM Spectrum from radio waves to gamma rays.

All of the software – as demonstrated in the video below – was produced using Ideum's own GestureWorks framework, an SDK for which is included with their multitouch tables, and in Flash.  No hardware details for the table itself, and nor have Ideum revealed how much it cost the museum.