Iddiction app is like Groupon for apps

The Apple App Store has more than 578,000 apps. That's awesome. That is, except for the fact that if you're just browsing through to find an interesting app, you're likely to be overwhelmed and will never be able to find everything. The answer to that problem, according to a new company called Iddiction, is to create a daily deal platform.

Sites like Groupon have become exceedingly popular, and they're really built on a win-win platform. It's a win for consumers because they get to see new and interesting local spots, and save a lot of money while doing it. It's a win for merchants because they get exposure and the number of people who buy a deal and never redeem it help outweigh the lost profit. And it's a win for Groupon because it gets a cut of all deals, regardless of whether or not they're redeemed.

Since that's such a great business model, Iddiction is bringing it to the app world. Its new platform, App-o-Day, will scour the App Store to "find the best. We're interested in showcasing the hard-to-find, the up-and-comers, the unexpected. In this case, traditional marketing channels don't make sense," said Iddiction founder Andrej Nabergoj in an interview with VentureBeat. He sees App-o-Day as a win-win for developers and iPhone owners.

[via VentureBeat]