IDC says PC Market is back to growth

Shane McGlaun - Dec 18, 2009
IDC says PC Market is back to growth

The poor economy over the last year has really hurt the PC market. If you listen to some of the various PC makers and some analysts, the netbook has hurt the industry along with the economy. Over the last few months, things have started looking up for the computer industry with a return to modest growth compared to previous quarters.

Research firm IDC has announced that the PC market is set to return to double digit growth now through 2013. Q3 showed growth for the first time in three quarters with a meek 2.3% increase. Consumer portable notebooks grew robustly with 33.5% growth compared to the previous year in Q3.

Netbooks also continued to grow strongly with a 37% gain compared to Q2 2009. The market share in the notebook industry for netbooks doubled compared to the previous year to 28%. The market is expected to grow steadily in 2010 with notebook growth predicted to be 18.1% for the year. Desktop shipments are predicted to remain flat.

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