IDC expects 6% decline in PC shipments for 2014

The last time we talked about the predictions from research firm IDC for the PC market was back in late 2013. At the time, IDC was predicting 10.1% decline for the PC market for 2013. With 2014 here, IDC is expecting more declines for PC shipments during the year.

IDC predicts that the declines in the PC market will continue through 2018. After the final IDC numbers were in for 2013, PC shipments ended up declining 9.8%, slightly better than the predicted 10.1% decline. The results in Q4 2013 were a bit better than expected.

IDC says that the slightly improved numbers based on its predictions were due in part to a slight rise in replacements of PCs running Windows XP in Q4 and those gains aren't expected to last long. Emerging markets where PC makers had hoped for growth are also on the decline.

Emerging markets for desktop PCs are expected to see shipments of 80.5 million units in 2014 with that number declining to 77.2 million by 2018. The portable PC market in emerging areas will see shipments of 87.2 million devices in 2014 according to IDC, a major decline from the 96.2 million units sold last year. Mature markets are expected to see declines as well.