Iconic Dukes of Hazzard car smashed by tree during Hurricane Ida

The iconic and controversial car from classic TV show The Dukes of Hazzard was smashed by a tree during Hurricane Ida, one of the actors from the series has revealed. The car has largely been removed from pop culture because of the large Confederate flag on its roof and its name: General Lee.The Dukes of Hazzard was a comedy series that ran from early 1979 to 1985; it revolved around the characters Bo and Luke Duke and their various misadventures. The vehicle from the series — readily identifiable by its bright orange color and Confederate flag emblem — remained a part of pop culture long after the show's end.

Things changed a few years ago amid growing efforts to removed racist statues and other symbols related to the Confederacy. These efforts led to the end of Dukes reruns, which were available on TV Land until 2015, as well as bringing production of the General Lee toy car to a halt.

The actual General Lee vehicles remained, but it seems an act of God has taken them out, as well. An image of the smashed car — as well as another that is seemingly perched precariously on some fallen trees — is the subject of an image recently shared on Twitter.

The incident happened during Hurricane Ida at actor John Schneider studios in Louisiana. The actor confirmed the destruction in response to the tweeted image. It's unclear what's going on with the car in the background, but the one under a tree is clearly heavily damaged. Whether attempts will be made to restore it is unclear.