Icon notebook brings digital style to your paper world

Shane McGlaun - Nov 29, 2010
Icon notebook brings digital style to your paper world

I live in a digital world. I can go weeks without actually having to write something on paper. If the wife wants me to go to the store, I have her text me a list to buy. I don’t have to write things down on paper to remember them thanks to reminders on my iPhone and alarms on the calendar. On occasion, I do need to write things down and when I do it would be cool to at least feel like I was using something digital.

This is where the Icon notebook from Brigada Creative comes in. The notebook has one flat corner that looks like one of the icons you would find on your computer for the notepad or other app. The thing is interesting and much more fun that the plain old spiral notebooks that most folks use for tracking things.

The notepad is DIN A5 size and the pages measure 148x210mm. Each notebook has 80 pages. If you plan to do lots of writing, you can get the things in a three pack over on Etsy or as singles. A single notebook will set you back about $10 before shipping with a 3-pack going for about $23.

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