iCloud updated for iPhone 5 and iOS 6 with Notes and Reminders

Head over to iCloud.com today and you'll find Apple's own central console showing off a couple new features, both of them bringing the environment into the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 universe. The first of these iCloud changes is a brand new drop-down notifications bar – what you're seeing here is a note from the Apple calendar showing us that we've got an imminent date with a skateboard. The other update is that Notes is now a cross-platform system – now in the browser-based iCloud environment, you'll be able to make a note to yourself on your iPhone or iPad and have it wherever you need it, no matter the device – just head to the web browser.

This update makes iCloud a place where you're able to get a full range of Apple-based update and schedule apps: Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, and Reminders. You'll also be able to work with Find My iPhone with both your iPhone and your iPad, and iWork allows you to stay up to date with your documents as well. Find My iPhone also works with newer MacBook Pro models and will almost certainly be working with other future Apple devices galore as well – keep them all up and safe!

For those of you new to this environment, inside iWork you'll still have to purchase the various apps for them to work inside iCloud. Keynote, Pages, and Numbers are each ready to work with the iCloud universe just so long as you've got them and have them connected. The entire iCloud suite is made to keep you updated with your notes, mail, documents, and schedule no matter which device you're on, just so long as it's an Apple device or has a web browser.

Have a peek at our recent iCloud news bits in the timeline below and get pumped up about the iPhone 5 hitting shelves very, very soon. Do you have yours pre-ordered like the 2 million other people out there in iLand? Stick around SlashGear for more iPhone 5 action as more bits appear in the trenches!

[Thanks for the tip, Jack!]