iCloud Now Notifies You If Account Accessed Via Web

In the wake of the release of several candid celebrity photos, Apple vowed to increase iCloud security. Whoever got hold of and distributed those photos is believed to have done so via Apple's iCloud, which was trusted to be more secure than has been proven. A new alert is an early attempt at delivering on the promise of added security measures, but is it enough?

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal a few days ago, Tim Cook vowed that iCloud would be more secure moving forward. Though Cook stopped short of admitting Apple's cloud storage system was compromised in any way, he did concede that Apple could — and would — do more.

Part of that effort is alerts, which have already begun showing up. iCloud has long been mobile-centric, but is increasing its web presence with beta versions of things like Pages as well as a dedicated landing page. Should you (or someone else) access your iCloud account from the web, you'll start seeing alerts. Those alerts come in the form of emails, much like you see when you change your password in Apple's system.

Of course, this isn't a security stopgap. If someone other than you accessed your iCloud account, they may have made off with documents or pictures. All you'd really get is an early notification, and a prompt to change your password if necessary. Still, it shows Apple is taking the cloud seriously, and is continually working on fixing issues as they see fit.

Via: Mashable