iCar Black Box is perfect for the accident prone

If you are the sort that tends to get in lots of accidents or fears that someone will pull in front of you and cause an accident that you will get blamed for, we have your solution. A new app for the iPhone called iCar Black Box has debuted that turns the iPhone into a black box and can record any accident you might get into.

The downside is if you do something stupid and cause an accident, it will be recorded as well. The app features an analog and digital speedometer via GPS, G-sensor oscilloscope, and can send data via email. It automatically senses and saves the accident point via GPS and links it to Google maps.

The downside I see to this thing is that it comes with no holder. It appears to need a windshield mount and the one the app maker uses is the TomTom GPS mount. The app will start recording automatically when it detects an accident. The app automatically saves a recording when a hard impact is detected and will prompt the user to save when a light impact is detected. The app can be downloaded free for a limited time.