ICANN unveils first ever generic top-level domains in non-Latin characters

New generic top-level domains have been announced today by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, more commonly called ICANN, with a world's first-ever: non-Latin character options. While none of them are yet available, a total of four additional options in three languages have been added, building upon the current, .com, .org, .net, and more offerings.

Before the four new options roll out, there are a total of 22 TLD names available — the changes will open up options for organizations targeting certain audiences, however. The new ones will be available in Russian script in two variations: онлайн meaning "online," and another — сайт — meaning "site." Also available will be one in Arabic شبكة meaning "Web/network," and one in Chinese 游戏 that means "games."

No specific date has been provided for when the top-level domains will be available, but ICANN has stated that it'll be happening in the near future. Organizations will have to undergo strenuous evaluations and preparations on the technical level, according to Mashable. The site's security will be the primary focus.

Said ICANN's President of Generic Domains Division Akram Atallah, "In the weeks and months ahead, we will see new domain names coming online from all corners of the world, bringing people, communities and businesses together in ways we never imagined. It's this type of innovation that will continue to drive our global society."

SOURCE: Mashable