iBooks v1.1.1 update adds audio/video book support

Chris Davies - Jul 20, 2010
iBooks v1.1.1 update adds audio/video book support

We can’t imagine Apple is quite seeing the storming sales success that Kindle is right now, but the company has just pushed out a new version of iBooks – v1.1.1 – which should help take the iPad fight to the e-ink based ereader.  That’s because iBooks v1.1.1 adds support for “books that include audio and video”, something currently beyond the existing Kindle.

There are also improvements in how iBooks deals with zooming – double tapping the iPad’s display now automatically zooms into an image – and performance is boosted when working with PDFs.  The Amazon option may still be the first port of call for purist readers, but Apple look to be making a significant play for everyone else.

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