iBooks hits international iPads but iBookstore is bare

Chris Davies - May 25, 2010, 6:34am CDT
iBooks hits international iPads but iBookstore is bare

iBooks has gone live in the App Store outside of the US, but right now it’s a disappointing experience unless you’re looking to swot up on the classics.  Where the US iBookstore is rammed full of bestsellers and other new titles, we’ve just installed the UK version and the store has nothing but out-of-copyright classics.

That’s great if you’re looking for a free read, and it actually bests Amazon’s out-of-US Kindle offerings which, despite the classic ebooks themselves being free, still charges you for the international Whispernet delivery (even if you buy through your computer and transfer the titles via USB).  Of course you can also load ebooks into iBooks via iTunes, but Apple will have to bolster their store if they want to see the kind of download stats they’re experiencing in the US.

Still, things could well change by the time the iPad officially launches in the UK and elsewhere internationally at the end of this week, and new owners of the Apple table might find new content as the Cupertino company finalises deals.

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