IBM to download “Internet”

James Allan Brady - Feb 8, 2008

You know all those jokes you used to poke at the Internet illiterate about downloading the Internet, because you thought that you knew it was impossible? Yeah, well, that’s come back to bite you in the ass because the one company with the power to do so, IBM, looks to be making plans to do just that.

Project Kittyhawk (what!?) is the name of the research paper they just published about building a computer, of BlueGene/L proportions I’m sure, to host the entire Internet as an application. Now I don’t know if the download of epic proportions would include all of the media content like music and movies and such, the ones of the illegal kind, or if it would just be all the web pages and content integrated into those, but I do know, it would be cool as hell to lease some time on that system and have the entire Internet at my fingertips, and just mine.

Sure, the first person to use a system like that would likely feel like god, and rightly so, but the subsequent users would probably feel just as important. Sadly, I doubt that IBM is going to go forward with this idea, it was probably more just a proof of concept type of thing than a “hey we’re going to do this” type of thing.

[via Slashdot]

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