IBM ThinkPad T61 has roll-cage and awesome Owl power

They may have an unnatural obsession with comparing tech to cartoon characters, but other than that the Gizmodo boys are decent, honest, generally clean human beings.  Which is obviously why Lenovo shipped them their latest notebook, the ThinkPad T61, which laps at their "wowsers!" glands with its swish honeycomb magnesium sub-frame under that oh-so-trad black shell.

Hidden inside that "roll cage" – which can supposedly protect the guts from a baseball bat swung in anger at the back of the screen – are the latest Santa Rosa processors from Intel, adding up to dramatically reduced heat and a smidge more battery life.  The following chunk of the Lenovo press statement is a bit odd, however:

"Owls are known for their silence during flight, and the unique shape of an owl's wing inspired the design behind Lenovo's improved cooling system design"

Owls are also known for swooping down on small furry things and biting them, so possibly don't use the T61 if you're not wearing any clothes.

Check out the rest of Gizmodo's hands-on report here.