IBM launches cloud-ready PureSystems

IBM has launched a new family of integrated, flexible, and scalable computing systems designed to simplify and automate enterprise cloud computing, acting as building blocks for cloud-ready data centers. The new integrated hardware and software solution is called PureSystems and will kick off with two models, PureFlex System and PureApplications System, that will begin shipping this quarter.

PureSystems offers a more flexible approach to an integrated system. It supports four operating systems and five virtualization hypervisors, allowing users to manage all resources within a single management screen. The PureFlex system focuses on integrating servers, storage, and networking to anticipate resources and optimization. The PureApplication system uses IBM's networking capabilities for easy deployment of new applications.

The system uses IBM's Patterns of Expertise software, which automatically handles tasks such as configurations, upgrades, and deployments, freeing up IT management time. It touts a "scale-in" system design that densely integrates server, storage, and networking into one machine to offer the double the computing power per square foot of data center space. It's also scalable and cloud-ready, allowing for quick deployment for private clouds.

[via CNET]