i-XPS 120 Outdoor is the first gadget under the Made for iPod License

Christina Crouch - Jan 28, 2008

Well they had me fooled, all those other gadgets out there that claimed to be for the iPod, I really thought that was there purpose. Luckily there is an official Made for iPod license to weed out all those other inferior gadgets and this speaker dock is the first to get the official seal/stamp of approval.

It’s water and dust resistant and ready for the great outdoors. It has a watertight door to enclose your iPod and rubberized contours. It can use batteries or a charger and has a handy rear carrying handle.

i xps 120 outdoor

If you just can’t resist this official iPod gadget you can pick one up for around $130. I have to say it though, it’s not very aesthetically pleasing.

[via gadgettastic]

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