i-Station Rotate will rotate your iPod or iPhone dock

The i-Station Rotate from Logic3 is another speaker offering in the i-Station line that keeps your iPod or iPhone always oriented in the right direction. It makes for convenient viewing at all times and elevates the device into something you could conceivably watch videos on without getting a kink in your neck.

The i-Station Rotate has a built-in dock rotating mechanism that turns your device horizontal for video watching and vertical when need be while still connected to the dock. This speaker system is compact and pretty practical.

You could easily take the i-Station Rotate with you on the go for high quality audio and a convenient place to put your iPod or iPhone. It features a Video Out function, TDMA noise suppresion, 3.5mm Stereo line-in socket, a remote control and a carrying case. You can get the i-Station Rotate starting in January of next year for $129.99.