i-mate Go Windows Mobile interface introduced

i-mate has announced their i-mate Go interface today. Intended for the Windows Mobile 6.1 platform, this interface makes it so WinMo is more easily accessible on touch-screen devices. In fact, it's rather iPhone-like, at least in terms of its large buttons.

The Go interface makes it easy to access your most frequently used applications with just a simple tap. You can even customize the icons to appear as you wish and select the applications you would like represented on the main screen.

You can download the i-mate Go interface now for free and it is compatible with the smartphone maker's Ultimate 9502, Ultimate 8502, Ultimate 8150, Ultimate 6150 and the JAMA 101 models. Touchscreen navigation on Windows Mobile is rather difficult, so the i-mate Go is really just another in a long line of interfaces from various phone makers meant to make navigating WinMo a little bit easier.