i-dration Water Bottle Connects to Your Smartphone, Tells You When You're Thirsty

While some may think that the design of the bottle could be look at again, the i-dration water bottle is certainly a good idea. Designed for those who need water on the go, such as athletes, this new design concept shows that you can not only connect anything to your smartphone in one way or another, but that doing so can help you overall health.

The i-dration water bottle connects to your smartphone via an application. When it does, it's able to collect real-time data, regarding how much water you've consumed throughout the day so far, as well as the temperature outside. As it collects the data, it takes into account the personal health information you've input, as well as other vital stats, and then sends that information back to the i-dration water bottle. Once there, a blue light will turn on if you need to get some more water into your system.

While it's just a concept that's still in design right now, the i-dration water bottle will actually make an appearance on the showroom floor of CES 2011. So, stay tuned as more details about this interesting water bottle come to light early next year.

[via Electric Pig]