'I don't like this Tweet' option arrives on Twitter for iOS

Twitter has introduced a new way for iOS users to improve their timelines: an option to say "I don't like this Tweet" whenever you see a tweet you don't particularly enjoy, giving users another element of control over what they see in their feeds. The feature was revealed in a video recently posted by Twitter, but wasn't the subject of that video — Twitter has stayed quiet about new option, mostly leaving users to stumble across it on their own.

The feature seems to have first made its appearance in the Twitter Support tweeted video you see below. Twitter says it is easier for iOS users to tailor their timeline experience, and it shows a couple ways to do that, neither of which is the "I don't like this Tweet" option. It's there, though, nestled within the tweet menu above the unfollow button.

Twitter is an increasingly crowded place, at least as far as your timeline goes, and the company has taken steps to remedy that situation over past months. There's the new collection of selected tweets presented at the top of your timeline after you've been away for a while, for example, enabling you to quickly sort through the content Twitter thinks you want to see.

And, of course, you can mute people who don't want to unfollow but that you also don't want to see anywhere in your Twitter experience. If someone particularly annoys you, you can also unfollow them entirely so that you're no longer connected, or you can take it the max and block them entirely so they can't interact with you (from that account, anyway).

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VIA: BuzzFeed News