I Can Play Guitar – The crappy Guitar Hero knockoff from Mattel

Chris Scott Barr - Aug 22, 2007

You have to wonder how many people have risen to the top of big companies simply by taking someone else’s great idea, changing it just enough to be really crappy and then putting it on the shelf for unsuspecting grandparents and relatives to purchase as a gift. Well, whoever came up with this little gem likely got some kind of a promotion I’m sure.

Guitar Hero is a very popular franchise these days, however, it can be quite an investment for someone. First you have to have the console to play it which will cost you at least $100, then you have to throw down the cash for the game and controller which will cost you a decent chunk of cash. Why not just buy a plastic guitar that hooks right into your TV? Then you can play music from Hot Wheels, Barbie and Spongebob.

Mattel has launched their own game called I Can Play Guitar which will actually cost you more than any version of Guitar Hero, without the purchase of the console. I seriously hope that no one gets duped into paying $100 for one of these. The kid receiving this is going to be sorely disappointed.

Guitar Hero knock-off boasts more buttons, chords [via opposablethumbs]

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