Hyundai Mobis HLED taillights use a single LED for two functions

Hyundai Mobis has unveiled a new a HLED that's able to be bent as a thin film. The design allows a single LED to serve as both a stop lamp and a tail lamp at the same time requiring only 5.5mm thickness for the LED surface. The new tail lamp is called HLED.

Most automotive tail lamps currently use separate tail and stop lights to meet current safety regulations. Safety regulations dictate that the stop lamp has to be significantly brighter than the tail lamp. In the HLED system created by Hyundai Mobis, the tail and stop lamps are implemented via a single LED by controlling the light with electrical signals.

The system can generate a bright and uniform stoplight even when being bent by emitting light from five different directions. The result is a rear lamp more visible to drivers of other vehicles approaching from the rear and side. The system is also able to create various lamp designs since it can be bent or curved as needed.

HLED also offers lighter weight because it removes internal components used for existing rear lamp systems by using the LED alone. Hyundai Mobis has passed the required reliability tests of Europe and the US related to tail lamps and stop lamps. The company says it has already received orders from European automakers and is currently in mass production for the HLED.

While the company is named Hyundai, its products aren't exclusive to that vehicle brand. Hyundai Mobis is the seventh-largest automotive supplier in the world and was founded in 1977. The company is heavily into sensors, sensor fusion and controllers, and software design for the automotive industry.