Hyundai machine learning Smart Cruise Control debuts

Hyundai has announced a world's first technology that it called Machine Learning based Smart Cruise Control (SCC-ML). SCC-ML is a technology that is meant to incorporate the driver's patterns into the self-driving behavior to create a custom experience for the driver. Hyundai says that the tech is an industry first and plans to implement the technology in the future.

Smart Cruise Control (SCC) enables an essential self-driving feature and core technology for maintaining a distance from the vehicle ahead while traveling at a speed selected by the driver. SSC-ML combines AI and SCC into a system that can learn the patterns of the driver.

Hyundai says that through machine learning, Smart Cruise Control autonomously drives in an identical pattern as that of the driver. Hyundai says that its previous Smart Cruise Control required the driver to manually adjust the driving pattern, such as the distance from the vehicle in front and acceleration. Hyundai says that with the past system, the driver senses the difference in driving style that the SCC system offered.

That driving style difference made the driver reluctant to use the technology. SCC-ML uses sensors like the front camera and radar to constantly acquire driving information and send it to a central computer. The computer extracts the relevant details and gathers information related to the driver's patterns.

The pattern can be categorized into three parts, distance from preceding vehicles, acceleration, and responsiveness. The system can distinguish between driving patterns in different circumstances, like distance from the vehicle in front in traffic and the high-speed lane on a highway. Hyundai says that with the upcoming Highway Driving Assist system with automatic lane change assist, SCC-ML achieves Level 2.5 self-driving.