Hyundai caught inflating fuel economy again

Hyundai and its sister company Kia have been in trouble in the past for overstating fuel efficiency of their vehicles. Back in early 2013 overstating fuel efficiency of some of their vehicles on window stickers cost the firms over $400 million combined.

Hyundai has admitted recently that it has overstated the fuel efficiency claims of one of its vehicles in publicity materials that it sent out to the press. The vehicle in question is the new Hyundai Sonata. In the press materials, Hyundai claims that the car achieves fuel efficiency of 12.6 kilometers per liter.

The actual fuel efficiency of the car is 12.1 kilometers per liter. The automaker admitted its error on March 4. There is no indication at this time what exactly caused the misrepresentation of fuel efficiency.

At least this time the erroneous fuel efficiency claims weren't on window stickers of vehicles sold to consumers. Hyundai execs had been touting the efficiency of the new Sonata saying that it had 6% better fuel efficiency than its predecessor offered.

SOURCE: Washington Post