HyQ2Max robot can stand back up when knocked down

There's a new four-legged robot on the block, and it doesn't care if you kick it over — the quadruped can stand back up on its own in just a few seconds and continue on its merry way. This is in stark contrast to most other four-legged robots we've seen, and makes it especially suitable for rough terrains, such as rocky landscapes where footing isn't reliable and travelers — including robots — are likely to stumble every so often.

The robot is called HyQ2Max, and it is the brainchild of the Italian Institute of Technology. As with robots spawned from DARPA initiatives and such, the HyQ2Max features four legs and a 'torso', giving it a vaguely animal-like appearance refined by hydraulics and more durable body.

The torso includes aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and lightweight fiberglass with Kevlar to help protect the more sensitive components. The robot was designed to handle things like object falling on it and falling down roughly. The sensors and other hardware are tucked away safely within the torso.

HyQ2Max's creators are making the robot for search and rescue efforts, but the device's possible uses could extend beyond that and cover multiple industries. Inspections, construction, and more could all use the robot, as well. In the future, HyQ2Max could feature a couple dextrous arms, as well.

SOURCE: Reuters