HyperX launches ChargePlay wireless charging grip for smartphones

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Gaming on a smartphone can be a tricky thing sometimes – touchscreen controls aren't always the best, and of course, those games have a tendency to drain your battery quickly. HyperX seems to think that it has the solution to both problems with its new ChargePlay grip. The grip is launching today and is somewhat unique as far as smartphone gaming add-ons go.

That's because the ChargePlay isn't actually a controller, even though it looks like one at first glance. The ChargePlay doesn't have any buttons on it, but is instead merely a grip that attaches to your phone and gives you something bulkier to hold onto. So, while you'll still be using the touchscreen controls as you play, the grips (which HyperX notes are textured) might help make longer play sessions more comfortable.

The ChargePlay serves as an external battery for your phone as well. You can charge your phone through USB or Qi wireless charging as you play, and with the battery clocking in at 3,000mAh, it should keep your phone topped off for at least a little while.

HyperX says that the battery pack can be removed from the ChargePlay so it can be charged while the grip is in use. The grip itself fits phones with dimensions ranging from 129mm to 172mm long and up to 13mm thick.

So, while it isn't a controller, the fact that it can wirelessly charge your phone as you use it could make it a worthy purchase for those who play games on mobile frequently. The ChargePlay is shipping today from Amazon and the HyperX Store, priced at $59.99.