Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is official name of Elon Musk-inspired startup

The startup behind the Elon Musk-originating Hyperloop has announced its official name: Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. The company had revealed its ambitions to make the Hyperloop a reality back in September of this year, and has since traversed a fair bit in the few short weeks it has been working on its plans. The HTT started out as a project kicked off by JumpStartFund.

Late last month, the startup announced that two key figures had jumped on board the effort: former SpaceX Director of Mission Operations Dr. Marco Villa, and ASCE President Dr. Patricia Galloway. In addition, JumpStartFund announced that it was accepting applications from those who wanted to work on the project. Interested parties would need to commit to full time work without pay, instead receiving equity in the company.

The name for the startup was selected via a vote on the JumpStartFund website, and many other options were considered, some far less sophisticated-sounding, such as Tube X, MagTube, The Loop, ScramTram, and Warp T. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is a far more "grown up" sounding name, and is also easily abbreviated as HTT, making it seem like an all around better choice.

Said Dr. Galloway of these efforts: "I believe this project will revolutionize how transportation will be viewed for future travel. What is different today is the opportunities that crowdsourcing and crowdfunding offers in getting dreams and innovations off the ground to allow the 'Concordes' of the future become reality today."

SOURCE: Mashable