Hyperkin SG/FC NES & Genesis dual-slot retro console

Why take two classic consoles into the den when you can use just one?  The SG/FC Dual Action Video Game Console offers two cartridge slots, one for Nintendo NES games and the other for SEGA Genesis titles.  A switch flips between emulation modes.

Two joypads are provided, together with RCA composite video cables (that support stereo sound in 16-bit games).  Best of all is the price: from around $32.99 on eBay.  Obviously you'll have to pick up a few games to go with it, but there's plenty to choose from (on eBay again) for just a few bucks.

Apparently a new version of the console is about to launch, with three slots and compatibility with NES, SNES and Genesis titles.  No specific release dates, though.

[via technabob]