Hyperion Power's Portable Nuclear Reactors Could Ship By 2013

Late last year word first got around about the portable nuclear reactors Hyperion Power was planning on developing. But now in late 2008, the company is still committed to the idea and have even set a shipping date of June 2013. That's pretty ambitious!



Not much is known about the planned portables, but concerns about backyard nuclear bomb making should be put to rest according to the company. They note that their fuel is uranium hydride, UH3, which is low-enriched and 10% -235. Fuel used in bombs is 98% enriched. Somehow, this doesn't make me feel that much better about it.

Waste would obviously be a big concern here, especially when you look to the big nuclear power plants which are currently housing their waste in Yucca mountain. But again, Hyperion Power ensures waste won't be a problem as it will only be "about the size of a football," and that's after "powering 20,000 homes for 8-10 years." They have a recycling plan, apparently but can't reveal it due to "security reasons." Hmm, still not on board with this one. What do you all think?

[via Gizmodo]