HyperDrive4 - No, it won't get to to Alderaan, but it is fast

Another manufacturer has tossed their hat into the solid-state disk ring. Attorn BV has recently announced their upcoming SSD drive dubbed the HyperDrive4.

The performance of this new drive is just incredible. It touts a hefty 126MBs/s with a single drive. Bump it up to 4 in a RAID 0, and you'll be able to see speeds up to 400MBs/s.

But how much can it hold? The answer is definitely not enough. The current iteration has a whopping 1GB capacity. My thumb drive holds more than that. However, the company does state that 32GB drives are planned.

[correction]  It appears that our original information was incorrect. The storage space is not currently limited at 1GB. The size depends on the amount of memory installed on the board. With 8 slots on the drive, you can have a maximum of 32GB. Definitely sounds worth looking into.

Thanks to the guys at Attorn for catching that!

HyperDrive4: Yet Another Solid-State Disk [via gearlog]