HyperDrive for iPad updated with more storage and features

Back in September of 2010, we talked about the HyperDrive that would add 750GB of storage to your iPad and had an LCD that you used to navigate the drive contents. A new versions of that HyperDrive has surfaced that ditches that LCD and gets more storage space.

The new version packs in 1TB of storage and you can navigate the drive connects directly from the iPad. The 1TB version of the HyperDrive sells for $399.95 with the HDD inside already. That's quite a bit cheaper than the older version that had the LCD, a 500GB version of that drive sold for $499.

The other big difference between the new 1TB version and the older versions with the LCD is that the 1TB lacks any memory card slots. The drive connects to the iPad via the Camera Connection Kit. I would assume if it's nothing but a USB drive you could use it on other devices too.