HyperDrive Connects to Your iPad, Adds up to 750GB of Storage

For some people, 64GB of storage may not be enough. Especially on a tablet device that has full access to the iTunes Store, as well as Apple's App Store (for both the iPad and the iPod Touch/iPhone). Racking up the movies, music, and games/apps to fill up 64GB of memory may seem like a feat, but we imagine that it can be a pretty easy endeavor for some. That's why getting an external memory unit is a great fix. So, here's the HyperDrive, manufactured by the guys who brought us the HyperMac batteries. This time it's an external storage unit that, as the title suggests, can connect directly to your magical and revolutionary tablet device from Apple.

The HyperDrive does a few work-arounds to make it so that the iPad can register the external memory unit. The problem comes in the fact that the iPad's Camera Connection Kit has a limit of only 32GB available memory, so the HyperDrive gets around that by creating separate, iPad-readable 32GB drives, which allows you to store up to 750GB of stuff with (relative) ease. The HyperDrive features a 3.2-inch color touchscreen, so navigation should be pretty simple, too.

The HyperDrive can read up to 12 types of memory cards, so you should be okay if you feel like you have some off brand, or something similar. And, if you need a memory card back-up device, the HyperDrive will help you there, too. And, while 750GB may be too big for some, you'll be happy to know that the full range starts at 120GB (for $299), all the way up to 750GB (for $599). So, if you're wondering if you can use the iPad instead of your laptop, well, here's one step closer to getting your answer.

[via Ubergizmo]