Hynix offers up first 2Gb mobile DRAM

Hynix announced today that they have developed the first ever 2 gigabit or 256 megabyte mobile RAM chip in the world, effectively expanding their current Mobile Memory line. This was made possible by using a 54 nanometer manufacturing process.

This new process has allowed Hynix to double their past capacity. This has also allowed for an increase in performance, which clocks in at 400 megabites per second at a 1.2V power supply and up to 1.6 gigabytes per second with a 32-bit I/O.

The new Hynix chips will no doubt be used in new mobile devices like cell phones, PMPs and more. Even MIDs and UMPCs might be able to benefit from this increased DRAM. So now we're looking to the first half of next year, when production will begin to roll out and when these maxed out chips will be included in consumer products.