Hydrophilic H2O Shower Radio is designed for the shower

If you can't wake up in the morning without a nice hot shower and some tunes, a new radio will let you combine those two necessities in one device that won't fry when it gets wet. The gadget is called the H2O Shower Powered Radio and the thing is more than just a waterproof radio. It gets all the power it needs to operate directly from the water flow in your shower.

The radio uses a small H2O micro turbine that drives a generator inside the radio to create power to operate. The radio has an internal battery that recharges as you run the shower. The radio is green and harnesses energy in the shower that is wasted.

The radio connects to a shower hose and will work with 99% of all showers. Perhaps showers elsewhere are different, but none of the showers anywhere I have ever lived would work with this thing. The radio can be purchased now in Europe for £34.99.

[via Techdigest.tv]