Hydraulic Press Channel ups its game by going red hot

It's doubtful that anyone who has spent any amount of time on the Internet has gone this long without at least hearing about the Hydraulic Press Channel. This YouTube account posts videos of an industrial hydraulic press destroying all sorts of items big and small. As with all once-popular things, attention seems to be dying down, but that's alright because the folks behind the channel have a plot twist up their sleeve: heating the hydraulic press until it is red hot.

Think of this as the best parts of the hydraulic press and the red hot nickel ball merged into a single force of destruction. If the hydraulic press alone is the embodiment of industrial death, the addition of red hot heat is salt rubbed in the very big, very entertaining wound. Items aren't merely crushed by the red hot hydraulic press, they're melted and set on fire, their shattered remains cremated down into tiny ashy embers.

It's not exactly the hydraulic press itself that is heated red hot, but rather a large chunk of metal which is itself superheated, then attached to the end of the hydraulic press armature. This combination — hot melting facing down — is used to crush different items, so there's not much of a practical difference.

As we've seen from past hydraulic press videos, the massive amount of pressure applied to items tends to cause them to explode. Something similar happens when using the superheated metal, only rather than exploding, the pressure causes gas to vent forcefully away from the item into the outside world. This roll of toilet paper never stood a chance.